Therapeutic innovations

Early Drug Development Department (DITEP in French)


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The early drug development department allows promising molecules to be  tested in unprecedented time scale because it combines features of clinical trial phases I and II : it aim at accelerating the availability of new therapeutic strategies for patients resistant to conventional treatments.

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These early clinical trials are conducted at Gustave Roussy by the DITEP.

The hope is huge since the disease regresses or stabilizes in about 50% of patients.



Participating to an early clinical trial

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Participating to an early clinical trial provides access to innovative treatments, while contributing to the development of new therapies against cancer. Each molecule was evaluated and thoroughly tested previously so that the trial is conducted in humans only if sufficient evidence on the safety of the new drug are gathered.

Check ongoing early trial listing.

These new treatments are usually offered to patients:

  • When representing a justified therapeutic alternative


  • When conventional treatments have not been effective

But also under conditions of eligibility, including:

  • Good general condition (PS O or 1)
  • Preserved cardiac , renal , hepatic and hematologic conditions
  • Absence of major co-morbidity


In order to find out if you are eligible for an early clinical trial , your oncologist should complete and return a pre-selection form (or screening form) , along with the results of a recent blood test . After careful consideration of the record, a reply will be sent to your doctor as soon as possible.

Participating to a clinical trial is free and voluntary , and requires written consent. You can leave the study at any time without having to justify yourself (more legal information).

What is an early clinical trial at Gustave Roussy ? How and why participating ? Visualize the video showing the progression of a typical early clinical trial at Gustave Roussy, and including patients testimony and professionals explanations.