The next generation sequencing module

The Precision Medicine program requires the implementation and the interpretation of genetic profiling for treating patients as a cornerstone for the future of medical care.
The current possibility of deciphering in a limited amount of time the entire genome of an individual or the transcriptome of a tumor opens very promising areas in both basic research and medical care, from a diagnostic point of view in order to choose the most appropriate treatment.
Thus, the SOCRATE program contributed to the acquisition of new advanced equipment (MiSeq sequencer Illumina genomics robot Covaris E220 LGC) and the recruitment of a technician dedicated to this activity for developing techniques such as WGS (Whole Genome Sequencing), WES (Whole Exome Sequencing), RNAseq (RNA sequencing) and ChIPseq (Chromatin Immuno-Precipitation).


The NGS technology ( Next Generation Sequencing ) to detect molecular defects (mutations , deletions, insertions) biological samples in order to move towards a decision in clinical and therapeutic management more adapted to the genetic profile of each patient.