The experimental pathology development module

The concept of "precision medicine," one of the major axes of the SOCRATE project, aims at optimizing the individualization of treatment for cancer patients. Among possible approaches, the in situ detection of biomarkers in tumor samples at the cellular and molecular level is of central importance.

Thus, the SOCRATE program decided to develop innovative approaches for promoting the emergence of new biomarkers in histopathology by creating an experimental pathology development module.

It aims at developing, evaluating and validating the relevance of new biomarkers of efficacy, for their future integration with translational research. In the long term, the goal is to standardize the detection method of these biomarkers for further use in clinical trials. In order to achieve this, a dedicated staff was hired (1 pathologist, 1 research engineer, 1 imaging engineer, 3 technicians) and new advanced equipment for techniques automation, scanning and image analysis was purchased (VENTANA Discovery Ultra OLYMPUS VS120, Definiens Tissue Studio / Developer XD).

 siric innov biomarqueurs

Histopathology module dedicated to the development and validation of new biomarkers