The oncology immuno-monitoring laboratory

Immunotherapy represents the next generation treatment for managing malignant diseases. The stimulation of the immune system elicits huge hopes for the treatment of many cancers resistant to conventional treatment and puts immuno-oncology as a central axis of the SOCRATE program. Current strategies aims at identifying biological targets involved in immune system modulation and at analyzing the immunological effect induced by targeted therapies.
Thus, the SOCRATE program contributed to the development of an oncology immuno-monitoring laboratory for Gustave Roussy patients by implementing innovative technologies (flow cytometers, Magpix, cryoprotectant ...) and by recruiting a technician as well as a research engineer for the development of this activity.

The main tasks of this new platform are:

  • Providing access to dynamic explorations of the immune system for clinical trial patients treated with immuno-modulators.
  • Developing and validating new biomarkers of therapeutic efficacy in order to better select treatments that will improve patient survival.
  • Enable innovation in immuno-oncology and its transfer in the clinic.



Flow Cytometry : Flow cytometric apparatus allows the characterization of cell populations according to their surface markers present .