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has the following hallmarks:

It is transversal across specialties, encompassing several teams throughout various fields and disciplines (research teams, clinical departments, technological platforms)

It is comprehensive in terms of spanning all phases of clinical trials developing innovative programs (such as MOSCATO-02, liquid biopsies, immunosenescence prospective cohort) in oncology as well as re-evaluating and improving current concepts (vaccinology, tumor microenvironment, precision medicine). It concerns various cancers (melanoma, breast cancers, NSCLC, H&N, RCC, leukemia…) and others through specific Phase I-II/III trials

It requires cutting-edge technologies: efforts will be undertaken toward strengthening bioinformatics capabilities (network, storage, cluster, databases, bioinformatician engineers etc) and creating a cell free circulating DNA platform. Such investments are crucial for fulfilling our scientific programs

It supports emergence of innovative translational research projects through call for proposals within Gustave Roussy, for clinician-biologist associations

It promotes knowledge dissemination, with the organization of an annual conference bridging together immunotherapy and radiotherapy (ImmunoRad), in collaboration with US cancer center from Weill Cornell Medicine (New-York)

It pushes forward health democracy through the inclusion a patient in our steering committee, and a dedicated social sciences program about equality of access to biomedical innovation in oncology