siric-visuel-accueilThe SOCRATE program

The SOCRATE program covers three areas of research involving the integration of basic with translational and clinical research as well as social sciences on the same site. Every work-packages are co-directed by a clinician researcher and a fundamental researcher : the SOCRATE project aims at breaking barriers between clinical and basic research. This innovative structuration has the ambition to boost the emergence of new treatments for cancer patients in an unprecedented time scale.


Le programme scientifique :

siric-vignette-adn   fleche-vert-droite-9x9 Program 1
DNA Damage Response (DDR)

Scientif coordinator(s):

Patricia Kannouche & Sophie Postel-Vinay


To ensure the integrity of the genome and hence the fitness and viability of cells, DNA lesions that are formed as a result of various toxic assaults are normally repaired by an elaborate network of DNA damage response (DDR) pathways...Learn more

fleche-vert-droite-9x9 Program 2

Scientif coordinator(s):

Laurence Zitvogel & Aurélien Marabelle

Aims :

The discovery of cancer immune checkpoints and the successes of immune- and tumor -targeted antibodies have changed the landscape of the clinical management of various malignancies...Learn more


fleche-vert-droite-9x9 Program 3

Cancer Molecular Dynamics

Co-Headed by Pr Fabrice André and Dr Olivier Bernard

Molecular medicine also called precision or personalized medicine is a scientific approach based on molecular analyses that drive methods for early diagnosis, and guidance for targeted therapies...Learn more